KPM IT Consultancy supports organisations in designing and implementing their digital strategy. We support connecting business with technology and accelerate digital and organisational transformation.

KPM IT consulting aims to support their partners/customers; in defining IT strategies, IT outsourcing, IT recruitment, and setup of IT companies. We provide digital transformation services and support in implementing of RPA solutions; using AI, Machine Learning, IOT etc.

With the pace of technology accelerating and entering every sphere of life; each organisation needs a robust IT solutions–that aligns technology with their specific business objective.

KPM IT Consultancy will thoroughly review your organisation’s IT delivery operation; and then create a suitable roadmap for a smooth IT transformation of your business. We engage and coordinate with you to assess your current IT situation. After that, we provide expert insight and robust recommendations that will precisely direct your decision; in alignment with your business goals.

  • An complete review of your IT process/requirement; including systems, management, security, applications, lifecycles, provisioning and users.

  • A gap analysis; highlighting specific areas, where IT process (and thus your business) could be enhanced, as per your requirements.

  • A well defined roadmap; highlighting next steps, deliverables, timescales and priorities, as well as justifications for each activity.

KPM IT Consultancy works to ensure, that your IT system quickly and efficiently, adapts to new business requirements. We also help you to decide the most cost-effective model, which suits the pace of your business growth.

KPM IT Consultancy offers a range of IT-related services. Some of the key services that we offer our clients:


  • Provide support for IT project audits, along with Project/Program management support.
  • Manage supplier relationship for IT-related services & outsourcing strategy.
  • Review/Audit of current IT setup & re-define IT strategy towards optimisation .
  • Define/Re-define outsourcing strategy; to get maximum benefit from outsourcing supplier.
  • Support in defining future IT strategy; towards best usage of new technologies.
  • Support in implementation of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Analytics and bringing automation to business.
  • Support in IT recruitment to bring new skills, capability for business growth.
  • Provide IT services related to development of Websites, Web shops, Mobile App, Digital & Social Media Marketing, Data Management and Software Testing.


  • Supporting Dutch IT companies in expanding and setting up their business, in India
  • Supporting Indian IT companies in expanding and setting up their business, in Netherlands
  • Helping Dutch Companies, find the right opportunities & connect with the right partners; in order to expand their business in India.
  • Help in promoting/introducing Dutch technologies in different sectors; that work towards solving problems, in the Indian cities, related to following
    • Waste Management
    • Water Management
    • Smart Cities
    • Safety & Security
    • and more..!