IT Business Setup Consultancy


KPM IT Consultancy is a team of expert consultants; who strive to support Dutch & Indian companies in setting up their IT business, in India & Netherlands. Additionally, helping companies, find the right opportunities & connect with the right partners; in order to expand their IT business.


  • Introductions with reliable partners; through our own team of experts.
  • Provide Tax/Legal advice and support; Incorporation of legal subsidiary etc.
  • Provide support in Market Research for IT & ITES business and help in finding the right opportunities; to grow business.
  • Support towards Infrastructure Setup; finding right location and office space.
  • Support companies in the process of creating brand awareness; and other Digital Marketing activities, this includes Website Development and Social Media Marketing etc.
  • Support, in Selection and Recruitment of teams and ‘C’ level executives; defining HR policies and processes, relevant to the industry and the country.
  • Help to minimise; risks & costs, when entering the Indian & Dutch market.
  • Strategic advice and practical support; before entering the Indian & Dutch market.
  • Business & Cultural Training; aimed at communicating and working effectively within a new country.
  • Support with Travel Logistics (flight, hotel & local transportation) and visa arrangement in India and Netherlands.



For any business; readiness for transformation is very important. But, before any transformation occurs or it is initiated; background research on the market has to happen. Any organisation that hopes to flourish and grow to its full potential, should be poised for change. Although India and Netherlands share a long history of trade and business relationships; new technology, computerisation, and internet have completely changed the picture. Any entrepreneur; wanting to set-up or collaborate with businesses from Netherlands to India–or–vice versa can benefit hugely in terms of saving, by investing their capital and time where specific markets for their products exist.

KPM IT Consultancy research team will guide you; providing end-to-end data, advise and direction; based on the type of products/services your company sells/provides.


A strategic partnership is a relationship between two commercial enterprises; which is formalised by one or more business contracts. Both business houses work in collaboration; providing information and technical support to each other in business strategy conceptualisation and deployment of tools/strategies that are suitable for their market.

This partnership usually happens; when two businesses come together, and each individually possesses one or more assets/expertise; that will not just support the other business (it can also be a third business or individual) but effectively expand and enhance the initial partners’ businesses as well. These type of partnerships are beneficial; especially in activities that require outsourcing, innovation, or working outside the defined boundaries that currently exist for the business firms.

KPM IT Consultancy helps to find the right strategic partner and prepare a business contract with short-term & long-term goals and benefits to each organisation from the partnership.


Legal advice (given or taken) mostly involves; analysing a set of facts and instances and advising a firm/business owner to take a specific course of action based on the laws applicable to that country or location where they operate or provide services/products. Rules differ in different countries. In some; legal advice can only be given/taken from a certified professional; especially when it involves two firms working for or with each other while operating from different locations.

KPM IT Consultancy supports companies to establish and carry out business projects; according to local laws and regulations. Our team of consultants; are experts in corporate /business laws and legal requirements. This includes the registration of subsidiary/local office and further related activities, etc

KPM IT Consultancy general business lawyers will help you with everyday queries; reviewing contracts, answering tax-related questions. A customer can also request consultation with a specialist; for matters related to banking, patenting, copyrighting, employment laws, etc.


Accounting process in any company tracks and organises the company’s financial information. Business finance then utilises this information to help the company manage their money (i.e. earnings and spendings, profit or loss). Thus, it provides tools to plan future strategies by bringing clarity in the process of creating balance sheets and financial statements. The profit and loss statement will tell you whether your business is earning more or spending more. Your balance sheet shows how your earnings and losses have over the financial year affected your company’s net worth. So, if you intend to introduce a new service or product; in your existing market or a new market that you are planning to enter; you can plan ahead how much you need to spend to get things started by synthesising information taken from the financial documents.

KPM IT Consultancy team offers a comprehensive range of accounting/taxation services; which include book keeping, conducting audits, and filing quarterly/yearly tax returns in accordance with the Indian & Dutch laws. In addition; we also arrange in getting overdraft limit from banks, financial/debt restructuring services for new market entrants.


The infrastructure of an organisation or workplace can play a major role in reducing stress and increasing output by taking into consideration; the comfort and health of the employees. The basic principle is to design your office/workspace in such a manner that it is inclusive of everyone’s needs and promotes smooth interaction and a comfortable working environment for its staff members. A good infrastructure in a workplace is like the central nervous system of that organisation that helps to smoothly drive the workflow and information within and outside the office space.

KPM IT Consultancy expert team will support companies; towards appropriate identification of office space and other commercial real estate requirements, both in India & Netherlands. We have a team of consultants who will support in identification of appropriate office space for renting/leasing, contract drafting, as well as renovating interior design and set-up of required infrastructure.


We offer a wide array of digital marketing services; such as website designing, branding, logo design etc. We provide innovative digital marketing solutions that can be customised as per the client’s needs.

Digital Marketing, literally, is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies; mainly on the Internet, but also on mobile phones, display advertising boards, and other digital mediums. Since customers of every age/profession/ or community are with time, switching to digital devices instead of visiting physical shops; digital marketing campaigns are becoming more prevalent and efficient.

KPM IT Consultancy offers wide range of digital marketing services; such as website designing, branding, logo design, newsletter emails  & social media marketing (on LinkedIn, Facebook etc.). We provide innovative and creative digital marketing solutions; that can be customised as per the business requirements and therefore help in expanding business.


Recruitment is the process that begins with identifying that; an organisation needs a specific employee up to the point at which application forms for the post have arrived and just finalisation is pending. Selection is followed by introduction and also specific training (if needed) and completing certain procedures that make sure that the employee has the right skills, knowledge and attitude to fulfil his role at the organisation. Recruiting and training individuals for a firm can be a tedious process.

At KPM IT Consultancy; we constantly strive to add economic value and become your most trusted and reliable partner, for recruitment of your team. We bridge the gap between talent and opportunity; by linking robust and skilled C-level executives with your business and work hard towards finding right skills and resources for the new market entrants.


In the current work culture; employees or even service providers or freelancers need to be independent thinkers, skilled in performing not only tasks around their competencies but something better. This is especially so; if you are ambitious and want to climb the ladder to success. We support organisations in these processes, by providing links to institutions and firms that specialise in providing short-term courses, custom-made courses, or workshops for their employees.

A few examples include; cultural trainings for an employee being transferred to another country, management trainings for employees before they are promoted to higher positions, soft skills’ trainings for overall enhancement of teams or employees in a company, etc.

KPM IT Consultancy supports organisations, in building competencies of their employees; on various leadership, cultural and soft skills.


Business-related travel; like visiting customers/suppliers, attending conferences/meetings at different locations, marketing or promoting a new or existing product in a new market, visiting a project/office site for evaluation, strengthening relationships and building business with current and new customers, networking and identifying new customers and markets are an essential part of business-growth strategies in today’s world.

KPM IT Consultancy partner team provides support in arranging visas, booking flight tickets, hotel stays, taxi/rental cars, etc for all your business travels.