IT Software Services

As businesses/corporates expand; they realise the value of Information Technology; as a necessary component in every sphere/section of business. It not only allows businesses to reach wider audiences, but also enhances visibility and creates brand recognition. This is the reason why companies need holistic IT solutions & services.

KPM IT Consultancy also offers a wide array of IT-related solutions & services: such as development of websites, e-commerce portals, software development services, digital marketing and cloud-hosting solutions platforms etc.

We provide innovative IT solutions; that can be customised, according to the clients’ needs. Our cloud-based IT solutions are scalable; so that businesses grow and expand staying focused on their core service offerings; while we help them to enhance the IT sector of their systems/solutions.

KPM IT Consultancy team understands and uses the best quality standards; for our customers. This is achieved by providing easy-to-use solutions; that increase the targeted traffic to the specific websites/e-commerce portals.


  • Development of software solutions; related to ERP, Retail, Finance, HR etc. We have an expert team of software engineers, working on Java, ASP, PHP, and other technologies.
  • Creating a professional website for your business; which helps the company to build a good brand image.
  • Creating web shops; that allows businesses, to stay accessible online, 24×7, 365-days of the year.
  • Management of Digital Marketing of brands/products/services etc. This helps to create and increase awareness about your existing brand/business. We provide services; like social media marketing, email marketing, designing digital marketing content etc.


KPM IT Consultancy offers enhanced software development services and solutions; always delivering to the satisfaction of our customers. We create websites which have great instilled features like accessibility, navigability, compatibility and user-friendliness. We aspire to provide the best in terms of concept, designs, fonts, colors and technicality.

KPM IT Consultancy  has an expert technical team to understand your application requirements thoroughly. Following that, we prepare the architecture/model, develop, test and finally implement it. We rely on industry-standard; website development and software development practices and rigorously test the applications to ensure error-free delivery. We use modern technological solutions; that result in easy-to-use applications with minimum maintenance/support requirements.


KPM IT Consultancy works to create attractive and engaging websites. In the modern era, where every business is going online; a website is very important in order to establish an online presence and update customers about your goods/services. A good website levels the playing field for any business and its top competitors. A well-designed website helps to create a positive impression on the audience/customers.

KPM IT Consultancy implements advanced techniques; to create appealing, easy-to-understand designs. Our website designing services are of professional standards and user- friendly. We are committed to offer our customers, the desired product, without any compromise in the quality. Our website designing services are industry specific, engaging and user-friendly.


KPM IT Consultancy has expertise in developing and setting up E-Commerce webshops (online shopping websites) to manage small, medium and large companies’ online selling requirements. We have experienced designers and programmers; for the webshop design and development process, in PHP and .net technologies.

Nowadays, E-Commerce webshops are a powerful tool; for any business owner to increase (online) sales of their products. As it increases visibility among a larger number of consumers without having to physically approach them; it automatically increases the total business revenue. So many companies are already online or working on starting an online webshop; to sell their products to a wider range of customers. This has penetrated the market to such an extent, that we see our everyday grocery/perishable item sellers also going online with their entire range of products to stay ahead of their competitors


KPM IT Consultancy has an expertise in Mobile Apps development for iPhone/Android/Windows platforms. It has become important in industry to have Mobile Apps developed for the consumers to connect on the go with your business product and services. The Mobile Apps enable the private enterprises and corporations to take their business, to new heights, globally. Here are some of Benefits of Iphone/Android/Windows Mobile Apps:

  • Reach out to global audience.
  • Availability of application in respective app store (Apple and Google Play store).
  • Easy to install.
  • User friendly interface.
  • No need for a browser.
  • Use of Mobile processing power.
  • Increase in sales.
  • Monetisation is possible.


KPM IT Consultancy provide a wide range of digital marketing services; which include Social Media Marketing (i.e. FaceBook, Instagram, Google etc) & Search Engine Optimisation Services as well. We provide innovative and creative digital marketing solutions as per the client’s needs.

Digital Marketing can be defined as the marketing of products or services using digital technologies; mainly on the Internet, but also on mobile phones, display advertising boards, and other digital mediums. Since every kind of customer ranging from office goers to school students, youngsters to senior citizens, young moms to newly wed couples use digital devices instead of visiting physical shops; digital marketing campaigns are becoming more prevalent and efficient.