IT Project Audits

Classic IT project management theory states that projects have three constraints: cost, time and scope. In general, every project environment is unique; as factors such as quality, risk, vendor/customer relations, and so on, are taken into account.

In project management, there is never a “one size fits all” methodology; we must adapt our methodologies to the environment and client’s expectations.

Many project managers have adapted their methodologies to the point; where they are using deficient techniques. Thus, many projects which are not properly managed, result in cost overruns, scope creep, schedule delays, and inevitable workarounds; to compensate for inadequate risk management. Many of these “undesirable” situations are, in principle, avoidable–if we just knew how to properly steer a project out of the mud and apply corrective measures when it starts to move off-track.

Benefit of Project Audits

Project audits can help identify when a project is about to go off-course. In addition, a project audit can provide the following benefits:

  • Improve project performance.
  • Increase customer and stakeholder satisfaction.
  • Save costs.
  • Control scope and avoid scope creep.
  • Provide early problem diagnostics.
  • Clarify performance/cost/schedule relationships.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Evaluate performance of the project team.
  • Provide clear project status.
  • Reconfirm feasibility of the project.

The benefits of project audits become especially evident in large organisations running large projects. Multi-million euros’ projects can easily derail due to poor management techniques, causing the investors millions of euros. In this scenario; the cost of not performing periodic project audits can be much higher than the cost of performing it. Project audits, perhaps for each phase; are recommended for large projects.

KPM IT Consultancy audit experts, identify the constraints that the customer is most concerned about the project, and focus on those during the project audit. Our audit expert helps track the costs, schedules, scope, quality, human resources, customer satisfaction, and any other indicator that can be a symptom of trouble.

KPM IT Consultancy audit expert finds the pains, the flaws, and the problems; then clearly documents them and presents the improvement findings to the customer. Our experts also come up with creative solutions and propose that; along with a very good rationale, on why the solution proposed would work to overcome the challenges in the project.

KPM IT Consultancy audit team recommends the periodic audits of large IT projects; along with the project management process to ensure that systemic flaws are identified, issues are fixed and the process is improved. This helps organisation to keep the IT project cost, timelines and scope in control and save additional cost and keep project inline within timelines.